Critical Need in Many Underserved Communities

According the American Dental Association’s website (, “there is a critical need in many underserved communities where minority and disadvantaged people are not getting the care they need. Only 12 percent of students entering dental school are minorities, while minorities make up 25 percent of the general population. Recent data shows that minority dentists treat […]

Minorities Under-represented in Medical Field

An article written on January 29, 2010 by Medical New Today states the following: Although the number of minorities in the medical profession has risen in recent years, decades of discrimination still leaves them drastically underrepresented in the field, as chronicled in new report appearing in the February issue of the journal Academic Medicine. The […]

Minority Challenges in Pharmacy

According to an article written by Dr. Barbara Hayes, former chair of the Council of Deans for the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, “pharmacy is experiencing many of the same challenges faced by dentistry, medicine, and nursing in increasing representation of minority students in their professional programs. These challenges include the level of K-12 […]